Sascha del Sal

About Sascha

Self-defence is FIGHTING - Fighting is self-defence

Founder of the Close Quarter Fighting System

Learn to take responsibility, to act accordingly and to dominate aggressive confrontations.

Every day, Sascha looks at himself critically and pushes his limits.

His goal; to become a more complete human being each day
– and nothing or no one will stop him.

He’s hard, he’s honest, he’s a force of nature.
His broad experience turned him into an innovator in mental and physical resilience – turning fear into self-control.


Sascha Del Sal (1974, Belgium), son of a guest worker, eldest in a family of three. He has been a fanatic martial arts practitioner since the age of 14.
Sascha knew from an early age that he wanted to be an independent entrepreneur. That is why, for years, he worked at night at a bakery to save money for his goals.
At the age of 21, the time had come and he started his first fitness club.
This soon turned into 2 clubs, which he very successfully ran.
In addition, Sascha was active as a personal security guard and doorman.
In 2007 he left Belgium to work internationally as an expat. He was involved in the erection of windmills, bridges and heavy lift work.
Returning to Belgium in 2012, he started coaching and implemented the fighting system into entrepreneurship.
In 2016, Sascha founded The LAB and becomes franchise owner & chief instructor of Close Quarter Fighting System (CQFS).

Now, in 2022, it’s time to take this to the next level.